We appreciate that our patients in the city are busy, and often overlook their aches and injuries – so we aim to be accessible to you, including fitting you in on the day you need. We don’t believe in waitlists, because ultimately our patients don’t have time to be waiting for treatment.

All appointments are conducted in Private Consultation Rooms. All consultations, even those with the Physiotherapists, are one to one. You will have your clinician’s undivided attention for your entire visit. Not only does this allow them a better opportunity to correctly assess and provide quality treatment from the outset, it also better allows you the patient to make sure all of your questions are answered. All of this ensures that you will recover in the quickest time possible. To further enhance your recovery and return to activity, we are happy to (with your permission) discuss your rehabilitation with your GP or trainer so they can better help you participate in fitness activities that will enhance your recovery.

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