At Integrate Physiotherapy we believe that you should wake up every morning with a spring in your step, feeling healthy and alive. Often musculoskeletal conditions can rob people of their healthy movement, leaving them in a world of pain. Our team focuses on “Hands On” manual therapy techniques that aim to restore motion, release tension, replace instability with control, and reduce pain.

Below is our fee schedule for Physiotherapy consultations.

Call us on 07 3419 4796 to discuss your specific needs and associated fees:


# Type Fees
1 Initial Appointment $90
2 New Injury Consultation
(This fee is charged if you are coming back for treatment of a new injury or if 3 months have elapsed since you were last treated for the same injury.)
3 Standard Consultation $75
4 2 Areas or Extended Consultation $150

All acupuncture and dry needling will be billed as part of a physiotherapy consult.

Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) consults

We also accept Workcover and DVA claims*
* Requires referral from GP
^ (Pensioners only), gap applies to all other Clients

Jargon explained:

A registered Health Professional delivers each service. Private health insurance rebates are applicable for all services provided. Each consultation needs to be paid in full before a receipt can be given. This receipt can be used to claim through your private health insurance provider. To find out the rebate for each consultation please check with your own insurer.
EPC Medicare referrals are bulk billed.
Eligible DVA clients are always bulk billed.
WorkCover and CTP Injuries are also Bulk Billed.

Cancellation Policy

Full consult fee will be charged if a cancellation is made within 1 hour of the appointment or if the client is not present or available at the commencement of the scheduled appointment time