Hydrotherapy is a water-based modality of exercise rehabilitation. the water environment provides a number of benefits that do not occur on land, including:

Reduced weight bearing during exercise, placing less strain on joints, bones, and soft tissues. This ensures exercise is tolerated easier than land-based exercise.
Compression from the water, which can assist to reduce swelling and increase bloodflow
Heat. The pool is kept between 32 and 34 degrees Celsius, which promotes soft tissue relaxation and flexibility

Those who often benefit from hydrotherapy include:

  • Those suffering from Osteoarthritic conditions (arthritis)
  • Post-surgical patients
  • Those with back and/or hip pain
  • Those recovering from fractures
  • Those suffering from general deconditioning, or who do not tolerate land-based exercise well

With the right exercises, the water can provide a challenging environment for high-level balance and core stability to help ensure a smooth return to work and/or sport. Further, as the water is a safe environment for exercise, anyone with compromised balance or a risk of falls are able to participate in regular exercise through hydrotherapy.

Our hydrotherapy classes are always supervised by a physiotherapist and are tailored to suit your needs. Yamini meets with our hydrotherapy patients in clinic for a 1:1 land-based session to assess the patient’s needs. From there, she designs a specifically tailored exercise program.