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Welcome to Integrate Physiotherapy (Est. 2017) where we believe in providing fast and effective management of all musculoskeletal injuries. At Integrate physiotherapy we aim to help you achieve the quality of life you want. In taking the time to talk to you, we can work out what your goals are and set a plan to achieve them.

Our teams are experts in Physiotherapy , Manual Therapy , Ergonomic Assessments, Postural Correction and Exercise Prescription ranging from light exercise to resistance training, water exercise to Pilates. Our Physiotherapists have special interest in providing lasting treatment solutions for musculoskeletal and sports Injuries. Our specialties include Back and Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Knee pain, Womens health physiotherapy and Work Injury Management.

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Our Misson

Integrate Physiotherapy in Warner aims to provide a hands-on approach to treatment of individuals of all ages. Our optimal goal is to enhance our patient’s lifestyles by enabling a functional return to their activities and optimizing their quality of life.

We believe in providing the highest quality of care through individualised treatment, comprehensive therapeutic exercises and education. Our mission is to empower our patients to achieve their ultimate rehabilitation potential.

Integrate Physiotherapy will provide both a safe, respectful, professional yet fun environment where you receive the best possible care.


Why choose Us

Over 10,000 patients have chosen to see us over the past 11 years. Everything we do is driven by providing the best service to you…this is why we are different. We have expert physiotherapists with post-graduate experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, this way you know you are seeing the best physiotherapist for you.

All our physiotherapists are active members of the Australian physiotherapy association, ensuring ongoing, up to date professional development and a continually evolving knowledge base.


See the difference

We pride ourselves in accurate and prompt diagnosis. Our physios will identify factors in your everyday life and posture that may contribute to your injury. These factors are addressed with research-based treatments and practical strategies for management in everyday life. Your time is spent one-on-one with your physiotherapist, in an environment, which is friendly, relaxed and individually focused


Our promise to you

At your first visit we will tell you in plain English what is wrong, how long it will take to fix and map out a plan of action to work on together to achieve the goals you set us. Education and advice is key to getting you on the right track quickly and we will do our best to get you back doing what you love by giving you simple, straightforward information about your injury that you could summarize in a tweet.

We promise to respect your busy schedule by doing our best to stay on time while giving all our clients our complete one-on-one attention during our time together.

We at integrate physiotherapy are experts in musculoskeletal injury management and rehabilitation. We are proud members of the Australian physiotherapy association and associated with the following professional bodies: