Women’s Health

IntegratePHYSIO Women’s Health Physiotherapists are experienced and highly trained physiotherapists who specialize in musculoskeletal issues associated with pregnancy, birth, post-partum, and breastfeeding.  They also specialize in pelvic floor muscle issues and pelvic pain.

At IntegratePHYSIO you can expect a complete & thorough assessment, diagnosis and explanation. A management and treatment plan will then be devised to treat your concern.

How We Can Help

  • Preparation for pregnancy- build strength in preparation for pregnancy & labour
  • Treat pains during pregnancy- back pain, pelvic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • TENS education & machine hire (pain relief during labour)
  • Abdominal taping/support
  • Natal Exercise Classes
  • Prenatal Massage
Individual Abdominal and Pelvic Floor Retraining Programs

Our therapists have specific training to address these common concerns and are experienced in supporting women to regain strength and function to these areas.

Post Natal Abdominal Separation

Abdominal separation, medically known as Diastasis of rectus abdominus (DRA),  is tearing or pulling of the two vertical muscles of your abdominal wall, which when put under significant strain or load, they can divide. This causes a weakness of the abdominal wall which can cause a number of problems, such as a abdominal hernia, back pain, pelvic pain, incontinence.  If left untreated or not treated correctly, this separation can get larger and more difficult to correct without surgery. It is advised to come in 6 weeks post-partum for a check.

We can help during pregnancy by specific abdominal taping. Post pregnancy we will assess the degree of separation and help guide you through a progressive strengthening program to help narrow this separation.

Pelvic Incontinence

Leakage is not normal and can be treated, 1 in 3 women post natally will have some leakage whether it’s when coughing or during exercise. Most of the time it can be fixed with simple exercises/pelvic floor retraining.

We can assist this strengthening with pressure biofeedback.

Post Natal Check Includes:

  • Pelvic floor assessment
  • Stomach separation (DRA) assessment
  • Postural assessment (during holding baby, lifting, breastfeeding)
  • Guidance to safely return to exercise

Musculoskeletal Problems:

  • Lower back pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • De quervains tenosynovitis