Kinetic Link Training

Did you know that Integrate PHYSIO Sam Bhojwani is a certified Level 2 KLT Trainer? He is currently in the process of completing his level 3 certification with KLT founder and physiotherapist Wayne Rogers. Find out more about KLT and Heath here.

Sam applies the principles of KLT to his and his clients’ programs on a regular basis. For those wishing to try out some KLT based programs in the gym or whilst training at home, please feel free to call our clinic or book online with Sam.

Why KLT Training

Bring your strength and body balance training to a new level with our strength circuit classes. KLT is a precise and comprehensive full-body functional strength and conditioning training system. KLT involves using the arms and legs together in whole body exercise positions with controlled movement.

All the exercises are in standing while the participant pulls or pushes cables attached to weights, resistance bands lift dumbbells and perform lunges and squats with the legs.

Unlike high intensity circuit exercise classes each rep of an exercise is controlled and slower. That precision of movement makes it more challenging & rewarding with minimal risk of injury.

Some benefits of KLT:

  • Improve Strength in a short period of time
  • Improve long term health & well being
  • Improve joint & muscle pain by strengthening key muscles
  • Improve postural strength
  • Improve sporting performance
  • Create a strong core which moves with efficiency & control