Total Knee or Hip Replacement Rehabilitation– Warner, Bray Park, Brendale & Cashmere

Integrate Physiotherapy provides quality Physiotherapy rehabilitation for patients undergoing Total knee and hip replacement surgeries, we provide both pre and post-operative care to the local areas ofWarner, Bray Park, Brendale & Cashmere

A full knee or hip replacement is a big operation, but it’s not as scary as people sometimes think. It’s almost bread and butter for surgeons and physiotherapists, so it’s important to feel comfortable with professionals who are well-versed in the latest research and developments.

While the majority of full knee or hip replacement patients enjoy a positive outcome, we can’t guarantee it every single time.

A six-to-eight-week ‘pre – habilitation’ program is something we do recommend and can help you achieve a best-case scenario to optimise your pre-surgery fitness, body weight, pain and mobility.

We always encourage positive visualisation and documentation of the future here at Integrate Physiotherapy but, don’t expect to be hopping out of bed and running home the day after a full knee or hip replacement.That’s not to say the tennis career is over! Merely to say you’ll likely be watching the next major tennis tournament on TV rather than attending or participating at your local club – this year, anyway!

No pain, no gain – just take the medicine!

There will be pain. There is no way around that, unfortunately. At first, the surgeon will likely have you on some pretty strong pain relievers. As the swelling goes down, you start to move and get used to your new knee, the pain will usually get much less. We’ll help you monitor and manage your pain.  When the pain stops, we’ll stop using the painkillers because there is no other need to continue taking them.

It is really important that the surgeon’s pain relief program is adhered to in order to achieve mobility through rehabilitation without restriction due to pain. Regaining movement will help to reduce the pain and therefore work to end the medication program.

Avoiding medication by choosing to ‘tough it out’ or, using the medication for longer than you need it could lead to a delayed recovery.  It’s a joint effort to get the right pain relief with you and your medical team.

Please call us on 07 3419 4796 to arrange your comprehensive pre and post-operative assessment and rehabilitation program to begin your journey towards living a life without pain and full function!  We look forward to hearing from you!